Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it the virgin hair? What is a Hair Prosthesis?

A : Of course! Divine Diva offers 100% unprocessed (never been chemically treated). We provide the highest grade of hair on the market, and with proper care the hair will last well over 1 year. The hair is collected by a single donor; mostly Brazilian, however we do have a few Indian and Malaysian wigs. Furthermore, the hair is Virgin Remy Hair. Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors in a way that keeps the hair's cuticle aligned with neighboring hairs. The hair remains softer and silkier, and use to produce high-quality wigs. Lastly, each wig weighs between 125-275g, and hair density ranges from 130% to 180%.

For insurance purposes, Divine Diva specializes in Full Cranial Hair Protheses. Prosthesis means "missing limb" (see Health Insurance Coverage). A Hair Prosthesis or Cranial Prosthesis is simply the medical term for "Wig." It is a custom-made wig designed for patients with hair loss resulting from Chemotherapy, Trichotillomania, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, and much more. However, they can be worn by anyone.

Q2.  Can I submit my own cap measurements? Estimated Shipping?

A : Yes! We offer cap sizes in small, medium, and large (please see below for capsizes), however you are welcomed to submit your cap measurements exeption for our Cranial Prosthesis. Individuals requesting a Cranial Prosthesis will have a mold created of their head and hairloss as well as their measurements taken. This mold will be sent to our Cranial Prosthetic supplier. Cranial Prosthesis take up to 3 months to create due to the customization. For all other cap constructions (Lace Front and Full Lace Units), the hair will be shipped to you in 5-7 business days.International/Worldwide shipping available.

Q3. How to  take care of the hair?

A : Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair, very gentle and baby it! Use good quality shampoo/hair conditioner and other hair products to care for the hair.

Q4. How long does it last?

A : How long the hair lasts depends on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it. With proper care, the hair will last for up to one year! Lasts 14-18 months with proper care.

Q5: Can the hair be straightened, curled ?

A: Yes! This is 100% raw, unprocessed hair. This hair can be straightened and curled as well as dyed. However, please keep in mind that frequent heat and coloring can cause damage to the hair.


Q6: Can I dye/color the hair?

A. Yes. The virgin hair can be colored. We recommend professional hair stylist to color your hair. If you cannot get to a salon, please always use of good quality products and test a small sample first.

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