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What is a Breast Prosthesis or Breast Form?
A breast prosthesis is a breast form that serves as a replacement after the natural breast(s) removal. Breast Prosthetics are recommended for individuals who have undergone a Mastectomy or Lumpectomy. Our breast forms come in a variety of skin tomes! Life expectancy: 2 years. Medicare and most insurance providers will usually cover 2-6 bras up to a 3 month supply each time. To be certain, ask your doctor to specify the number of bras on your prescription. Also check with your insurance provider before visiting your fitter. 
Will my insurance cover my breast prosthesis?

Medicare and most private insurance providers usually cover one silicone breast form every two years. If you had a bilateral mastectomy, then you are normally entitled to two silicone breast forms every two years. For non-silicone prostheses, Medicare and most insurance providers normally allow one form every 6 months. Non-silicone breast forms are commonly used immediately after surgery and for leisure wear. Wait at least 6 weeks after surgery or based on your doctor's recommendation before you transition into a silicone breast form. 

What is a Mastectomy Bra?
A mastectomy bra is made with a specially designed pocket in each cup. Breast prosthesis is slipped inside the pocket, where it is held firmly in place against the body, for a natural recreation of symmetry. Mastectomy Bras are designed to mimic traditional bras, such as both front or back hook closures and a choice of satin, lace, or cotton. We also provide other items for individuals who have undergone surgery such as, nipple prosthetics, masectomy bras with attachable drain pouches, camisole, swim forms, massage/cooling forms, ultralight forms, shapers, sport bras and matching underwear!
Is there anything I need to bring to my first fitting?
 Make sure that you have a prescription from your doctor. This will help the fitter know exactly what you need and what needs to be covered by your insurance. Both a breast prosthesis and post-mastectomy bra require a prescription. If you experience weight loss or gain and require a new prosthesis and/or bra, you must have a prescription from your doctor. There must be a weight gain or loss of 20 lbs. in order for your doctor to write another prescription. This prescription is required for insurance reimbursement. 
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