Vacuum Wigs

Custom, All-Silicone Cap
The all-silicone cap of a Vacuum Wig, also known as Scalp-like Prosthesis, creates a comfortable suction to the scalp without the need for tape, glue or adhesive. These types of Cranial "Wig" Prosthesis are particularly suitable for those with extensive and long-term hair loss. This custom unit has the ability to last 3-5 years, however most people buy an additional Cranial Prosthesis to rotate the units!

To ensure a perfect fit for suction, a Cranial Mold is taken, which is then used to create a custom-fit, non-irritating silicone cap that matches the wearer's skin tone. Hair in the desired color is then implanted one strand at a time, using high-quality unprocessed human hair. The resulting wig can be worn in various styles, including up-dos and ponytails!
Divine Beauty's hairpieces are ideal for active individuals as they are incredibly secure and do not slide or dislodge during physical activity. The all-silicone, medical-grade prostheses are also moisture-permeable and waterproof, providing comfort and preventing scalp irritation.

The wigs are tailor-made to the wearer's specifications, with options for length, color, texture, curl, density, and crown/part location. The resulting hairpiece looks, feels, and behaves like real hair, providing a natural and comfortable look for those with hair loss!
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