Medical Wig Class: Accept Insurance & Gov Benefits



Have you been researching and researching and researching how to bill insurance companies for clients experiencing hair loss due to Cancer, Trichotillomania, Genetics, etc?

Are you looking to increase your hair business sales with an additional 2k-10k monthly?

Did you know that you can also accept VA (Veteran) Benefits, CareCredit, Health Savings and Federal Savings Account in your business?


Most importantly, are you ready to RETIRE from behind the chair?


This class will not be offered multiple times throughout the year! Space is limited and we are only taking SERIOUS inquiries! Building a successful business requires stepping out of your comfort zone, developing/executing a plan, being free from distraction and networking with the right people that will help you advance to the next level!


This class is open to those who are licensed and unlicensed, including barbers and braiders! Starting September 1, 2021, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) no longer requires individuals to be licensed in order to make wigs! This is the best time to take this class and start your complete wig line. You will be ahead of the competition by learning how to accept government contracts and insurance. We are NOT holding anything back and will teach students how to strive during this pandemic! Students will also learn how to accept CareCredit and HSA/FSA benefits

Did you know that each wig made for a veteran and/or for those using their insurance, the price ranges from $1300-3500 depending on your client's unique hair loss?

Let's break this down.

An average sale is $1300- 2,200 for a medical wig.

1 Client a week $2200 x4= $8800 x 12months= $105, 6000.

If you know your numbers you can grow your numbers so let's take it up a notch!

500 clients x $2200= $1,100,000.

There WILL be some MILLIONAIRES created from this class!

Must have a passion for helping others to attend this class!

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